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The KAAWS Clinic at Aldine Westfield

Veterinary Frequently Asked Questions

Serving the Aldine/Northern Houston Community Since 2011

Below you will find a list of questions from local pet parents as well as answers from our experienced veterinarians. Do you have a question that’s not answered here? Please feel free to call us at (281) 443-3133 (Aldine) or contact us online! We’re happy to help.

FAQs & Medical Information

Why should I bring my pet to The KAAWS Clinic?

Since 2011, the Kathy Andrews Animal Wellness Services (KAAWS) Clinic has provided affordable, high-quality medical care for pets throughout the Houston community.

We are focused on delivering the highest level of care without a higher price tag. We prioritize every pet’s health and individual needs so you can be sure that your pet is getting exactly what they need.

Do I need an appointment to visit The KAAWS Clinic?

Yes! Please call (281) 200-2325 or request an appointment online prior to bringing your pet into the clinic. Please note that we have a strict policy in place for patients that arrive late.

If you’re over 10 minutes late, we may reschedule or charge a fee. Please see our Late Policy for more details.

My pet is having an emergency! Can I bring them to The KAAWS Clinic?

Our veterinary offices do not service emergency or urgent cases.

We can refer you to an emergency clinic that we trust will provide the high-quality care you’re used to receiving from our own veterinarians.

My pet is scheduled for surgery at The KAAWS Clinic. What time do I need to drop them off? What time can I pick them up?

We accept intakes for surgery between 7:00 AM and 8:30 AM. The intake process usually takes about 30-45 minutes, so please plan accordingly.

One of our Houston team members will let you know when your pet is in recovery and ready for pick up, but typically pets are able to go home starting around 2:00 PM, no later than 5:30 PM.

How often should my pet get a wellness exam?

We recommend that you bring your pets in to see our Houston veterinarians at least annually. This helps us keep up to date with what’s going on with your pet and their health.

For some pets, we may recommend that you come see us more frequently, depending on their age, needs, and other factors.

Are vaccines safe for my pet?

Yes! Vaccines for pets, like those manufactured for humans, undergo rigorous testing before they are released for use in the broader markets.

During your pet’s regular wellness exams, we may recommend vaccines to protect them against communicable diseases. While reactions to vaccines are relatively uncommon, we’ll help you understand how each vaccine might affect your pet.

Don’t forget that vaccinating your pet will protect you, your family, and other pets of the Houston community!

Why should I spay or neuter my pet?

Aside from the health and behavioral benefits that come with spaying or neutering, you will also help alleviate some of the homeless crisis that is prevalent among cats and dogs in this country.

Millions of otherwise healthy and adoptable pets are euthanized every year because there just aren’t enough homes to go around. Spaying or neutering your pet can help control the population of animals who end up in shelters or rescues.